Love Boat Update VIII: Air Jordans and new jams

Took the turbines off so I could refinish them. The rims are a little scruffy. Not gonna refinish the blades because god damn there’s a lot of them. With the 15x8 Ansens and 255/60 T/As it looks like it’s wearing Air Jordans with its tux.

Replaced the rear speakers with some Kicker 6x9s and was unimpressed. Didn’t seem to have any kick. Then the cheap-ass Dual head unit started losing its memory. Verified 12V constant power and ground 8 ways to Sunday and it was still doing it. Then I remembered I had this just sitting around:


Semi-antique Kenwood sounds a hell of a lot better. The Kickers kick now. No USB/iPod but I can live with that a lot easier than resetting bass, treble, radio stations, etc every third time I turn the key. Pro Tip: If you want a decent stereo, expect to pay more than 30 bucks for it.

Still loving the ride.

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